Frequently Asked Questions

How to make a website with a website builder?

1. Register a domain name. The first thing you'll need to do is select a name for your website. ... buy here

2. Select a host. Many experts will recommend selecting a web hosting provider separate from your domain registrar, but often the two come hand in hand. ... cheapest option is at

3. Choose to code or no-code. if no-code this platform is best and cheapest option for you.

What is the Easy-HTML website builder?

Easy-HTML's website builder is an easy to use website generating tool that requires no technical knowledge to create a website. You can create your website in minutes, preview the complete site before set it up for hosting.

How much does it cost to use your website builder?

Easy-HTML's website builder is very cheap to use and has no hidden charges. visit pricing page and select the best one for you. you can try 7 days free and create upto 2 websites.

What are website templates?

Website templates are predesigned prototype designs created so you can easily choose and jumpstart your online presence without any hassle of working with a web designer. Web templates at Easy-HTML are fully customizable to your choice and requirements by using our website builder.

I own a website with another hosting company. Can I move my site to the website builder?

Yes, you can download creted website as zip and upload it to your hosting platform, you can also publish via ftp uplod.

I already have a domain name registered elsewhere. Can I use that domain name with my Easy-HTML website builder?

Yes, you can use a previously registered domain name with any hosting plan on, settings change needed on domain registrar.

Can I register a custom domain for my website through the Easy-HTML website builder?

No, We don't have domain registration facility on this platform, but our sister concern websites and can be used for domain registration.

Can I upgrade my package at any time? What would happen during the upgrade?

Yes. You can upgrade your package at any time. Upgrades won't affect the availability of your website.